Aeso is principally engaged in the provision of fitting-out and renovation (including alteration and addition) contracting service of Hong Kong premises.

We undertake fitting-out work for construction of newly built commercial premises and residential developments. We also undertake renovation (including alteration and addition) work for existing commercial premises.

In our projects, we are responsible for the overall implementation of the projects according to the required scope of work, which generally includes planning, coordination, monitoring and supervision for the whole construction period until completion. We manage the cost, time and quality of the project through the management of subcontractors, material and equipment procurement. We generally engage subcontractors to perform the site work, including site work requiring the possession of relevant qualifications or licences. We have our in-house team of experienced staff with extensive project management experience and engineering knowledge with the capability to deliver quality work in conformity with the client’s expectation and the prescribed time frame. Our in-house team facilitates the smooth progress of the project by managing daily matters that arise during the course of projects. We also offer interior design as a value-added service to our clients on a case by-case basis.